God’s Discipline Can Be Good

Posted By on January 19, 2024

God’s Discipline Can Be Good

“People who accept discipline are on the pathway to life, but those who ignore correction will go astray.” Proverbs 10:17, NLT

Most children do not fully appreciate discipline from their parents. Many times they may even resent that discipline. The parents are simply trying to lead their children from the wisdom that they have gained from their own life’s experiences.

More times than not, the children decide to reject and rebel against the discipline from their parents and choose to go their own direction. And, more times than not, they eventually realize that their parents were much wiser than they ever imagined.

To quote the last part of our Proverb for the day, “but those who ignore correction will go astray”. The word astray here refers to going in the wrong direction.

So it is with God’s discipline and us. Many are constantly ignoring the Lord’s discipline. He, like a parent, is simply trying to lead His children away from making wrong decisions and away from heart ache that comes from making those wrong decisions.

However, just like that rebellious child, sometimes we are bent in going our own direction. Eventually, we realize that God was right and we were wrong and we did make the wrong decision. It’s what happens during the time we are going our own way that can end up being tragic and heart breaking for all involved.

If you happen to be a teenager or a child, listen to your parents. They are much smarter than you think they are.

For the rest of us, let us gladly accept the discipline of the Lord because we are finally on the pathway to life.

Riley Pippen