Adversity Can lead To Advancement

Posted By on August 30, 2022

Adversity Can lead To Advancement

“But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him mercy, and He gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.” Genesis 39:21, NKJV.

Over many years Joseph repeatedly faced heartache: his brothers threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery; Potiphar’s wife framed him for rape; he was thrown into prison; he was forgotten by the butler he helped. Year after year, Joseph woke up daily to tribulation.

Adversity is a part of life. Joseph was no more immune to it than you are. The most important thing about adversity is how we deal with the adversity we find in our life. Having a proper perspective on the adversity is crucial.

God wasn’t punishing Joseph. Instead, God advanced Joseph through his adversity. He used the pressure of trials to mold Joseph into the man who would lead and save an entire nation.

Joseph never complained about his adversities. He never blamed God or anyone else. He accepted his conditions and patiently trusted in the Lord.

We too will have trust God completely that His purpose for the adversity will advance us toward the person that He wants us to become.

Be encouraged today in knowing that the adversity that you may find yourself in is for your advancement in becoming the person that God wants you to become.

Riley Pippen