God Is There

Posted By on August 5, 2021

God Is There

“The counsel of the lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations.” Psalm 33:11, NKJV

The God who is in control of today is also the God who is fully in control of tomorrow.

He has already prepared for what will happen to you! He has already provided what you will need tomorrow.

He has already anticipated the problems you will face tomorrow and has set into motion everything required to resolve those problems.

Our scripture for today reminds us that God is control of our lives and has already prepared the future for us.

Things happen in our life that we did not want to happen. But God was there! I didn’t get that job but God was there! I’m so disappointed but God is there! My children are struggling but God is there! I have cancer but God is there!

My marriage is in a mess but God is there! I’m lonely but God is there! I’m worried about my job but God is there! Nothing ever seems to work out for me but God is there!

Be encouraged today. God is there!

With Blessings,

Riley Pippen